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Services and Rates

Investing in your body is an investment in your health.

Massage pricing 
30 min $65-75
1 hour $115-140
90 min $145-160
2 hour $190-200
Hot stone adds $45 to any massage treatment

Essential wellness treatment:
1 hour $85
30 min $60
add on to any length massage $15

Aromatherapy Initial Consult and Treatment $75,
Follow-Up $50

Massage Modalities

Light smooth strokes designed to promote relaxation and stress relief by increasing circulation and promoting blood flow through out the body.

Deep-Tissue / Rehabilitative:
Assessing injuries based on range of motion, pain sites, and muscle tension; the therapist can affect the injured area using a combination of techniques designed to get deep into the muscle belly and promote healing by breaking up scar tissue, lengthening the muscle, and increasing blood flow.

Thai Yoga Massage:
Traditionally done on a mat on the floor, this fully clothed modality focuses on the opening of the 7 chakras by using finger pressure, rocking, palm pressure, movement and assisted stretching.

Traditionally done on a mat on the floor, this fully clothed modality is based from the Japanese culture and utilizes traditional chinese medicine to asses and treat a client. We will look at any internal issues you may have as well as external discomfort to create a full assessment and help bring you back to balance.

Hot Stone Therapy:
For those who just want to melt. Our therapists strategically place heated Basalt stones upon the body then allow them to dissolve any stress as they are used to glide effortlessly across the body.

THE essential wellness treatment: 
A clinical approach to essential oil application; Utilizing 8 different essential oils chosen specifically for their scientific properties this therapy enhances the client's ability to manage stress, support immunity, decrease inflammation, and encourage homeostasis within the body.


Aromatherapy Initial Consult and Treatment

Aromatherapy begins with a comprehensive intake and examination of the primary concern.  We will then create an Essential Oil formula based on TCM theory.  We will also discuss the element of ritual and self care and incorporating Essential Oils.  The forms of use could be some or all of the following diffusion, topical, inhalation and internal.


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