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Jen F                                                             

Mar 22, 2013                                        

Julie is the Best of the Best!

I have chronic neck/shoulder pain and the times I've gone to Julie, she works her magic and I feel amazing and relaxed afterward.  There are times I've not been able to turn my head fully in each direction without pain.  After Julie's work, I'm able to roll my head around in every direction with no pain at all.  I highly recommend Julie                                


Mar 20, 2013                                       


I've been visiting Julie for the past 5 months - once a month and she does an amazing job.  Very intuitive to the body areas needing extra attention and her healing strength is overall wonderful.  Kind soul!                                


Mar 19, 2013                                     

Tension Release

Julie used her excellent firm skills to release shoulder, neck and jaw tension. Great ability to find and tease out the tension.                                

julia auerbach                                                             

Feb 27, 2013                                      

soooo soothing

I had a fabulous body massage by Layla.  I love all the pampering details.  I left feeling nurtured and renewed.   She's awesome!                                

Lynnette S                                                              

Feb 26, 2013                                 

amazing hands

Julie has amazing hands and the ability to connect to all those locations that need work.  I am eager to return and continue with the healing process.                                

Amy S                                                             

Feb 12, 2013                                  

Julie is amazing!

Having a terrible neck and constant shoulder pain, Julie is able to instantly target a bad area and relieve it. She is so knowledgeable at not only massage but the healing power of essential oils. She is a true healer.                                

Karen A                                                            

Jan 22, 2013                                      

Great massage!

Quaint office and wonderful massage therapist. Got a full hour massage and felt wonderful. Loved the aromatherapy and hot corn packs.                                

Martha C                                                             

Jan 20, 2013                                     


I recently had the most relaxing and effective massage I have ever had. Julie knows exactly where those "knots" are and works them out so that I feel like a new person when I leave Unwind Within!                                

Sandy C                                                             

Jan 19, 2013                                      

needed a relaxing massage

The studio in an old house in SW Minneapolis is warm and cozy, much nicer than an office building. My therapist asked me about any issues I had, and I told her what I like and don't like in a massage. She also asked if I like essential oils and we decided on a couple of fragrances to mix. Layla did a great job. I'm still feeling the benefits today of my relaxing massage.                                

Andrea L                                                             

Jan 18, 2013                                  

Fellow MT gives 5 stars!

I am also a massage therapist in S Minneapolis and have been looking for an MT that understands how to connect with their clients bodies. Julie knew exactly where I needed the most attention (sometimes before I even did) and how to address the issues I had going on.  It took me a while to snap out of the "massage coma" and that's when I knew it was a great session!  Thanks Julie!                                


Jan 12, 2013                                      

Always great

Layla, Danielle and Julie are all excellent. Attentive, caring and always great.  Nice and relaxing atmosphere.                                

Jenn R                                                              

Dec 23, 2012                                      

Relaxing and rejuvenating

I received a certificate as a gift and got a one hour massage with Danielle. It felt amazing and she worked on some painful back areas that felt much better after the massage. I will definitely go back!                                

Becky B                                                          

Dec 22, 2012                                    


I asked Julie to zero in on my left leg and foot--lots of pain from a sprained ankle 8 months ago. She did a great job of digging in a releasing blockages as well as softening a tight hamstring. Julie has the touch and instincts of a true healer.

Donald  L                                                            

Dec 19, 2012                                       

Respectful, relaxing, renewing

Julie takes time to listen.  She respects the client, willing to share her knowledge but without pushing any particular agenda.  Pressure points and "knots" that took a long time to work out the first time or two are much better now.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.                                

Sarah L                                                              

Dec 18, 2012                                        

migraines - be gone!

I suffer from tension headaches and migraines.  Without regular massage therapy, the tension build-up in my neck and shoulders results in migraines several times per week.  After my first visit with Julie, I can feel my muscles loosened up and my posture is better.  I've already booked my next appointment!


Lori R                                                             

Dec 16, 2012                                     


Unwind Within is perfectly named!  What  a great morning I had with acupunture by Andrea then a massage from Layla.  Thank you for a boost for body and soul!



Dec 10, 2012                                       


a few days after my last session with Julie I was backing the car out of a parking spot and turned my head to look behind me - I haven't been able to turn my head that far around in years!!


Amanda S                                                              

Dec 2, 2012                                    

Smoking Cessation - Stress relief thru pregnancy

Andera was a life savior during my 1st pregnancy.  She helped me with smoking, stress and gave an overall calmness during my pregnancy.  Now that I have delivered, I will continue to see Andera for my mental well-being. 


Elizabeth C                                                              

Dec 1, 2012                                       

Best massage ever

Julie is amazing! I have chronic neck pain and when I leave her office I feel wonderful. She is flexible and I love the online scheduling option. 


chad s                                                                 

Nov 12, 2012                                     

healthier because of Julie's abilities

After a totaled car crash I have been a client of Julie's for months.  She is incredibly healing pushing pain away.  Her services have gotten me continued progress towards a pain free post collision life.  I leave feeling more alive & refreshed than when I walked in. You should feel her magical healing powers too. Julie is the real deal.



Nov 12, 2012                                       


Layla is an intuitive and gifted therapist, and I always float out of the room after a session with her. I highly recommend her work to anyone seeking deep relaxation and focused attention on problem areas.


jim f                                                                

Oct 30, 2012                                     

I can raise my arms again

I suffer from torn rotator cuff in both shoulders and  have for years.  Since the last massage I have greater range of movement.


Bart H                                                           

Oct 29, 2012                                      

Nothing short of excellence!

My experience at Unwind Within was most wonderful! For many years I was struggling to find a good message therapist. Then I met Julie. I've seen her three times now and have come to the conclusion that I will never go see another therapist as long as I am alive



Oct 28, 2012                                      

Fantastic Cranial Sacral Appointment

This was my first visit to Unwind Within.  I was very pleased with my cranial sacral session with Danielle. She was very intuitive and helpful in releasing energy that was no longer serving me.  I learned so much in our one hour session. I will be back.


Marjie S                                                            

Oct 28, 2012                                       


Always feel rejuvenated after massage with julie.personalized treatment. Warm environment. Would highly recommend.


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